With the success of “Wonder Woman“, Gal Gadot (“Justice League“, “Fast & the Furious Franchise (4,5 &6)“) has become a household name seemingly overnight. But who is this on-screen bad ass it turns out she’s kind of a bad ass in real life too, lets shine that spotlight on her. Gal Gadot is an Israeli born model turned comic book goddess whose life is as interesting as Wonder Woman’s back story. She grew up in Rosh Ha’ayin, Israel and lived a normal life until she was 18. Then she competed and won the Miss Israel pageant and went on to represent her country in the Miss Universe contest. Though she did not win the final competition it did give her some exposure in the modeling world. However all that would have to wait because at the age of 20, Gal joined the Israeli Defense Force for the mandatory two-year service. While in the service she was a combat trainer and also was able to be featured in a Maxim photo shoot that highlighted  “Women of the Israeli Army”. Taking the discipline and all she had seen while in the service she moved onto the next part of her life, college. Gal decided she wanted to study law and political science and it is here where the opportunity to act opened itself to her.

While attending college she was approached to try out for the latest Bond film, “Quantum of Solace“. She would not be cast but Gal had liked the acting thing and soon would be cast in an Israeli series, “Bubot“. Soon Hollywood come knocking again as the same casting director for “Quantum of Solace” was now casting for another film, one attached to a major franchise, “The Fast & the Furious“. Once the role was her’s she would reprise it on three separate occasions and it would open the door that would lead to her biggest role to date, “Wonder Woman“. With her knowledge of firearms and the ability to do her own stunt work, Gal was not only perfect for the role of Gisele in “The Fast & Furious Franchise” but also DC’s Greek demigoddess, Diana Prince (aka Wonder Woman). Gal trained intensively for her new role and with the test run in “Batman v. Superman” was ready to headline a film. That film would go on to be on to rake in over $800 million world wide and easily set itself up for a sequel as well as more dominant presence in the upcoming “Justice League” film. Gal Gadot is not only beautiful and smart, but a certified bad ass, a woman that every young girl could look up to and aspire to be one day, a true role model.

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