Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman, the fast-rising star of the DC Extended Universe, is rumored to appear in the upcoming Flash solo movie, Flashpoint. Wonder woman premiered earlier this summer in the franchise is fast becoming the property’s first bona fide critical and commercial hit. Pundits and audiences praised the work done by director Patty Jenkins, and the movie dominated the box office for an extended period of time to become one of the highest-grossing films of 2017. Warner Bros. was quick to capitalize on the character’s popularity, fast tracking a sequel for a December 2019 release date.

Diana of Themyscira will grace big screens later this fall when Justice League opens in theaters, however, there are other big roles for her to partake in. there are plans for the character to go well beyond team-up films and a series of solo endeavors. According to the latest reports, Gadot is going to be a guest star in the first film for one of her fellow League members: The Flash.

As reported by Forbes, plans are underway for Gadot to reprise her now iconic role in Flashpoint, which serves as a vehicle for Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen. The film has experienced its fair share of ups and downs during pre-production (losing multiple directors due to creative differences), the outlet mentions WB will release Flashpoint at some point in 2020.

Currently, Cyborg and Green Lantern Corps are on the schedule for that year, but the DCEU is in a very fluid position with a number of productions in various stages of development. It’s perfectly logical for the game plan to change as the studio irons everything out.

Should this come to fruition, it means Gadot is poised to play the Amazonian princess in five films over a five year period (beginning with 2016’s Batman V Superman). Some casual audiences might fear this runs the risk of overexposure, but including Diana in Flashpoint makes a good deal of sense from a storytelling perspective (and not just marketing). Wonder Woman is a main character in the storyline from the comics, and even if the film takes some artistic liberties when adapting its source material, it would be difficult to pull off an accurate Flashpoint movie without including Wonder Woman in some capacity. Additionally, there’s an aforementioned business aspect to this move, since Diana is currently one of DC’s most bankable figures. Gadot’s role, no matter how small, would definitely be a selling point in trailers.



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