Historically, the Knights Templar is known as a powerful, wealthy, and mysterious medieval order. The Templar were an organization of devout Christians, some considered to be a trans-national military-religious order. Their mission was to protect European travellers visiting sites throughout the holy land while carrying out military missions as well.

Knightfall is a fictional historical drama series about the Knights Templar during the middle ages. The main cast stars Tom Cullen as Landry, Padraic Delanet as Gawain, Simon Merrels as Tancrede, Olivia Ross as Queen Joan, Julien Ovenden as William De Nogaret, Ed Stoppard as King Phillip IV of France, Sabrina Bartlett as Isabella, Bobby Schofield as Parsifal, Sara-Sofie Boussina as Adelina, and Nasser Memarzia as Draper.

There is no set premier date for Knightfall yet, the series is a part of the History Channel’s fall 2017 lineup.

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