Anyone can run for office and that includes a struggling hip hop artist who wants some free PR. In ABC’s newest comedy “The Mayor“, young rapper Courtney Rose (Brandon Michael Hall , “Search Party“) decides he will never get discovered as an artist unless he can get his name out there. He soon decides that the best way to do just that is to run for the office of “The Mayor“. Rose and his two friends Jermaine(Bernard David Jones, “Meet the Browns“) and T.K (Marcel Spears) begin their campaign and when that brings them an unsuspected win which finds the hip hop artist now in a seat of power panic ensues. Thinking he can just back out his mother , Dina (Yvette Nicole Brown, “Community“. “The New Edition Story“) sits him down and gives him the you can make a difference speech and soon Courtney Rose the rapper becomes Courtney Rose the politician. Along the way his used to be nemesis but now life line to how the political world works, Valentina Barella (Lea Michele, “Glee“, “Scream Queens“) joins the cause. Let the laughs begin!

The Mayor” could be a comedy gold mine especially in the environment we are politically. With a comically rich landscape rife with material it also seems that the writers of “The Mayor” want to touch on issues that matter too, including urban renewal and classism. With the no-nonsense comedic deliveries we are bound to receive from comedy veteran Yvette Nicole Brown and Lea Michele’s portrayal of a political ladder climber who has no idea about the world outside her bubble plenty of laughs are sure to be had by all.      All that paired with the fresh face, very funny Brandon Michael Hall and “The Mayor” would appear to have the makings of another comedy hit for ABC. Hopefully we all get what we voted for and “The Mayor” gets re-elected for another season.

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