Mr. Robot is a mind bending, exploration into the world of computer hackers, cyber warfare, big business, government conspiracies,  and schizophrenia. Season 3 will air on October 11th, and if the teaser trailer is anything to go off, this will be one violent turn for the hackers of fsociety.

It is very difficult to speculate when it comes to Mr. Robot. Creator Sam Esmail plays everything so closely to the chest. However, lets try and decipher the big moments of this trailer.

Anarchy has completely overrun the city. This was evident in Season 2. Fsociety’s plan had worked, but the outcome was a little more than anticipated. This trailer shows security checkpoint in the city, and people living in tent cities and subway stations. Similar scenes to the Occupy Wall Street movement, but, something tells me this is not voluntary. There is a definite Purge vibe from the clips involving the general public and Evil Corp.

Angela is wearing an fsociety mask walking through an Evil Corp Office. The mask appears to be stained with something, and the office looks like a bomb ripped through it. Could Angela be taking an integral role in fsociety after getting involved at the end of Season 2? Angela found herself in a position of some power in Evil Corp by the end of Season 2, she may act as an inside mole for fsociety. We will have to wait and find out if this destruction was caused by general looting, or something much more sinister.

Tyrell and Price standing together in Tyrell’s house. For two characters that have been enemies since Season 1, to see them together, and not being hostile, is a big moment. They are obviously looking at something, and maybe making a plan. Both men know how to play the game. They survive and prevail no matter the situation. However both are also self serving, and to see them come together would be an intriguing story.

Whiterose and the Dark Army appear to be central to this season’s conflict. We see a clip of Whiterose/Minister Zhang in his car, and he does not look happy. Later Chinese men enter Elliot’s apartment, guns drawn. Bobby Canavale joins the cast as a new character some believe is working for the Dark Army. We see him standing with two men clearly wearing Dark Army masks in the arcade with guns. The FBI raided the arcade earlier, so this is most likely a flashback scene. If so, then Canavale’s character has always been involved, and has been lurking somewhere in the shadows.

Lastly Elliot. Season 2 ended with a bang, but Elliot is definitely back. There are many clips of him and Mr. Robot throughout the trailer. The shot of Mr. Robot at a computer, Tyrell by his side, and what looks like Canavale and Angela in the background is the most important. Could this be the beginning of the next phase? There are clips to suggest Elliot’s struggle to control Mr. Robot will continue throughout the season. The closing shot is Elliot standing outside the Evil Corp, starring down the enemy.

The lyrics of Leonard Cohen’s “Democracy” being spoken is clearly the theme of the trailer, and perhaps the season. Is Season 3 about returning USA to the people? Who knows. Knowing Mr. Robot, any predictions I make between now and October 11th will be proven wrong. But that’s the fun of this show.

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