That’s not fog ,that’s a cloud of smoke you see as Netflix’s new original comedy series “Disjointed” billows onto your screen on August 25th. “Disjointed” is a multi camera comedy that follows Ruth (Kathy Bates, “American Horror Story“, “Misery“), an attorney who has tirelessly fought the battle for legalized marijuana and now runs a  pot dispensary in Los Angeles. Aided by her son, straight-laced newly graduated Travis (Aaron Moten, “Ricki and the Flash“), a rag-tag gang of stoner’s (known as “budtenders”) and some very regular regulars including Carter (Tone Bell, ” CW’s The Flash“, “Bad Judge“),Maria (Nicole Sullivan, “MadTV“, “Superhero Movie“), and Tae Kwon Doug (Michael Trucco, “The Bye Bye Man“, “Hush“), Ruth navigates the high stressed world (see what I did there, you knew it would have to happen sooner or later) of marijuana distribution and sales.

Watching the trailer for “Disjointed“, it seems that its creators Chuck Lorre (“The Big Bang Theory“, “Mom“) and David Javerbaum (“The Daily Show“, “The Colbert Report“) have hit (okay I will stop, last one I swear) on a topic that has a life of its own and could very well wind up being another winner for both these very talented writers. Okay, I want to be honest. I am really only tuning in to see Kathy Bates (who is one of the all time greats in my opinion) play a stoned attorney/marijuana retailer and where I am sure I am setting myself up for a plethora of pot puns I am clearly okay with that. The trailer made me chuckle and where I have never, ever partaken of the ganja (my mom reads these reviews) I am sure the humor will not escape me or anyone else. “Disjointed” seems to be a laughter filled, hotbox of fun (okay now that is the last one I cross my heart), all that’s left is for you to grab some snacks from the fridge and sit down to escape into 30 minutes of harmless entertainment. Let’s hope “Disjointed” is as lit (sorry, had to) as Kathy Bates looks in the trailer.

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