Young rebellious Christine McPherson (Saoirse Ronan, “Brooklyn”) tries to navigate her way through the constraints of Catholic School as well as her life in Sacramento. Christine is well known and self proclaimed as Lady Bird who wishes of a different life away from her own. One on the east coast surrounded by skyscrapers, ivy league universities, and cosmopolitan culture. Average grades, drama club, friction with her and her mother, recently laid off father, and friends of new and old, christine tries to balance it all with her dreams and goals on the horizon. Story of that awkward middle area of adolescence to adulthood in Lady Bird.

Lady Bird is directed and written by Greta Gerwig (“Jackie”) in her solo directorial debut. Greta continues the charm and wit of her previous work in Lady Bird giving audience a relatable character in Saoirse. Personal, emotional, understandable, Lady Bird is looking to be the next defining coming-of-age film of its generation. Catch Lady Bird at TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) or in theaters November 10th.

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