“The Space Between” is a well-crafted back and forth comedic road film set on discovering what is really important in life. The film centres on Mitch, played by the charming Michael Cram (Flashpoint), whom after receiving some life changing news sets out to confront his problem face to face, only to find something else along the way. Mitch encounters a quirky group of strangers including Emily, played by Julia Sarah Stone (Weirdos, Aftermath) in an outstanding performance of a troubled young woman who latches onto Mitch’s quest. The cast is rounded out by legendary Michael Ironside (Total Recall, Top Gun) as Nick, and Amy Jo Johnson, Sonya Solomaa, Jayne Eastwood and the always hilarious Kristian Bruun.

Johnson’s capable directorial abilities are as proficient as her acting skills. You will all remember her as the Pink Power Ranger in The Mighty Morphine Power Rangers”, Julie in “Felicity” or more recently as Jules in the award-winning Canadian-based series “Flashpoint”. Johnson has been a long-time director of short films, including the prelude to “The Space Between”, a hilarious short film called “Shooting Blanks” which helped to secure funding for the film. With a team of power-women beside her, Johnson managed to pull off an amazingly beautiful to look at and heart-warming, film about love, redemption and finding one’s true passion.

The film had its world premiere on August 23rd at the star studded red-carpet event at the Richmond Hill Center for the Performing Arts presented by the Vaughan International Film Festival—one of the film festivals on the circuit to watch out for. The event was complete cocktails and entertainment, Amy Jo Johnson even taking a moment away from interviews to entertain the crowd by grabbing a guitar and singing the song “Cracker Jacks” from the film.

“The Space Between” can be seen in select theaters across Canada and the United States as of August 25th. It’s also available on 10 different VOD platforms, so check your listings!



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