Home Again” delivers us a tried and true romantic comedy formula and still manages to feel fresh. Alice (Reese Witherspoon, “Sweet Home Alabama“, “Legally Blonde“) moves home to LA after deciding that the party lifestyle of her husbands (Michael Sheen, “Norman“, “Passengers“) job doesn’t suit her or her daughters life anymore. Moving into her father’s house and trying to build a new life, Alice now has to figure out this whole single mom life and deal with the big 40 looming over her head. The night of her 40th birthday Alice along with some friends set out to have a nice quiet dinner to celebrate her special occasion but once Alice meets Harry (Pico Alexander, “War Machine“, “Idignation“) and his two film partners George (Jon Rudnitsky, “Saturday Night Live“) and Teddy (Nat Wolff, “The Fault in our Stars“, “Death Note“) that plan goes out the window. In fact the night turns into a drink filled flirtation dance between Alice and young Harry. Alice soon finds her life turned on its ear when her mother (Candice Bergen, “Gandhi“, “Bride Wars“) invites the young film makers to stay in the guesthouse. Each of the young men nurture very different relationships with Alice and her daughters building a new kind of family. Enter the estranged husband and soon the dynamic of Alice’s new little family is all thrown out of whack. Austen, Alice’s husband, wants her back, but is that what Alice wants? Or has she found the life she has been looking for?

Home Again 2017

Home Again” gives you everything you want in a romantic comedy and Hallie Myers-Shyer delivers on her debut effort. “Home Again’s” story has many layers and is almost a mid-life crisis tale viewed from a female perspective mixed with a little romance and comedy. Wait a minute don’t guys have a mid-life crisis, women don’t go through that right? At least that’s what Hollywood would have us believe so it is refreshing to finally see the coin flipped and the milestone event seen from this view-point. “Home Again“, with a gentle hand, also covers the idea of family and what that looks like showing us that a family is what you make of it. All the heavier (but softly done) messages segway to the typical romantic comedy formula which in this genre abides by the old adage “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. The little details and subtle touches on the few deeper subjects I have already talked about is enough to set “Home Again” apart from the rest of the romantic comedies I have seen. With a great story and script, the cast of fantastically talented actors were served up an easy pitch and they all hit a home run. I do have to give a great nod to the youngest talent of this film (Lola Flanery and Eden Grace Redfield), whom in my opinion along with Jon Rudintsky stole the show. As a debut film,”Home Again” showed that though the apple did not fall from the talent-wise, Hallie Myers-Shyer has her own unique voice and a very bright future in Hollywood.

The story is good, the acting is great and the directing wonderful and with all that said “Home Again” truly is what I would call an escapist film. A movie filled with laughter, tears and heart and a great way to leave the weight of the world outside for 2 hours. If you are looking for that then “Home Again” is the ticket you want to purchase. Sit back, enjoy and for just those few hours escape into the theater with “Home Again“.

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