We will go boldly…no no wrong show! On September 10, Fox will launch us into its new comedy/drama space adventure when “The Orville” warps onto screens across our entertainment viewing universe. “The Orville” gives us a glimpse into what the mind of creator Seth MacFarlane (“Family Guy“, “American Dad“) foresees for us 400 years in the future. Setting out on an exploratory mission “The Orville” and it’s crew deal with all the typical everyday problems of having a lot of people locked in a very small spaceship. This includes the complicated relationship between Captain Ed Mercer (Seth MacFarlane) and his first officer, Kelly Grayson (Adrianne Palicki, “Marvel’s Agents of Shield“, “John Wick“) who just so happens to be the captain’s Ex. While juggling the duties of intergalactic relations on top of all of that “The Orville” floats its way through diplomatic negotiations and some cool space fights with newly found enemies. With its inter-species crew and the newly appointed, not too serious captain “The Orville” will be on the front line of first contact for Earth’s Interstellar Fleet. Only time will tell what that means for our galaxy, lets cross our fingers it all turns out good.

With the very talented Seth MacFarlane at the head and a cast that includes some very familiar faces (besides MacFarlane and Palicki) such as Penny Johnson Jerald(“24“, “Star Trek:Deep Space Nine“),Scott Grimes(“NCIS:Los Angeles“, “Justified“), Peter Macon(“Shameless“), and Halston Sage(“Paper Towns“, “Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse“) “The Orville” has got talent in the bank. Not only does this space odyssey seemingly have great writing, but the effects (both special and visual) caught my eye as well. The fact that they not only use CGI but also stay true to the roots of the genre by using models too will hopefully give it a more completed, realistic look (and satisfy the VFX/Sci-Fi nerd in all of us, or maybe just me). If the trailers and all the press that Fox has put behind the show has done “The Orville” any justice this could very well be one of the shows that put’s space sci-fi back on the top of network television.

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