Harrison Ford (“Blade Runner“, “Star Wars“) reprises yet another one of his iconic roles, Rick Deckard, when “Blade Runner 2049” makes its premier on October 6th. Thirty years after the original “Blade Runner” directed by Ridley Scott (“Alien“, “The Martian“) secrets are still being kept and a young Blade Runner, K. (Ryan Gosling, “La La Land“, “The Nice Guys“) is about to uncover them. These secrets could have serious ramifications on the society and the only one who can give K. the answers he needs is someone who hasn’t been seen in a long time, Rick Deckard. Deckard has the answers K. needs and in spite of clear orders from his superior Lt. Joshi (Robin Wright, “Wonder Woman“, “House of Cards“) K. begins to uncover the location of the ex- blade runner with all the answers. K. however doesn’t know that Deckard has something that the replicants want too. The leader of the replicants, Niander Wallace (Jared Leto, “Suicide Squad“, “Dallas Buyers Club“), needs Deckard so that he can complete his dreams of creating more of his kind and ushering in an age dominated by replicants. Inadvertently K. leads them to Deckard and the high stakes case becomes a game of cat and mouse as the hero K. tries to solve the case and save the human race.

Blade Runner 2049” has big shoes to fill and with Denis Villeneuve (“Arrival“, “Sicario“) at the helm it just might be able to do exactly that. The cast is amazing and Harrison Ford is not the only actor reprising his role, Edward James Olmos (“Dexter“, “Battlestar Galactica“) steps back into the role of Gaff. “Blade Runner 2049” can only benefit from the addition of both Olmos and Ford to give the film its strong tie to the original classic. This film also has got some outstanding visual effects and no wonder with some of the industries biggest names behind them including Weta Workshop, Framestore, Moving Picture Company and Double Negative just to name a few. These powerhouses and a few I left unnamed have delivered, from the clips I have watched, a visually stunning landscape for a spectacular cast and director to dive into. With all of that said the trailer still  leaves me with some very important questions….Are the replicants still more human than human? Will Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford save the human race from whatever nefarious plans that Jared Leto has for us? Either way I will be there when the lights go down and “Blade Runner 2049” projects on to screens across the country, will you?

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