Let’s time travel back, back to the 80’s. Where them music was at a high, and some of the best films of all time were coming out, but there was also a real life story happening, that American Made is all about. American Made follows the true story and events around Barry Seal, (Tom Cruise, “Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation”)  a former TWA pilot, who somehow becomes a drug smuggler for the cartel. Barry ends up working with the DEA to avoid any jail time,and to continue smuggling drugs for them, while make some major cash from the cartel.  Barry Seal balances family, money, drug smuggling, and the American government, with an energetic charisma that only Cruise could bring.

American Made is directed by Doug Liman (“Bourne Identity”) who’s worked previously with Tom Cruise in the successful film, Edge of Tomorrow. Which one would imagine made it easier to work with each other and get the best out of each other. Giving this more of an interest, this is Doug’s first film being released by Universal Pictures since Bourne Identity which is also directed the trilogy of the Bourne movies. So we can be confident in the action scenes and the style of directing. We know we get a charismatic presence of Cruise, plus it’s based around a true story. American Made can be viewed in theaters September 29th.

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