This October get ready for something spooky, something paranormal, something silly. Get ready for Ghosted. Ghosted will premiere its first episode on October 1st on FOX. Follow Leroy Wright (Craig Robinson, “This is the End”) a mall cop who’s a skeptic of the paranormal and strange. Max Jennifer (Adam Scott, “Parks and Recreation”) a man who works at a bookstore who swears his wife was abducted by aliens. Both these everyday man will be kidnapped and enlisted to help a government organization called “The Bureau Underground” led by Ava Lafrey (Ally Walker, “Sons of Anarchy”) to go on top secret undercover missions trying to unravel the unexplained events happening in Los Angeles that could be threatening the existence of the living.

Ghosted is created and written by Tom Gormican (The Awkward Moment) and produced by the leads Craig Robinson and Adam Scott. Making this something to mark down on your calendars. Giving us more of a reinsurance seeing two great actors and comedians back this show up. So get ready October 1st for this new single camera television series to bring in the scares and the laughs

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