Hulu is introducing us to a new piece of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (or MCU) when the beloved cult favorite the “Runaways” makes its way to your screens in late November. The comic book , which debut in 2003, lead us through the adventures of a miss matched group of childhood friends that stumble upon a secret that their parents have been hiding from them…they are secretly super villains who plan to destroy the world. The group that would soon be known as the “Runaways” interrupt a sacred ceremony involving the oh so popular ritual human sacrifice. After this unthinkable discovery the group takes off and sets about trying to right the wrongs. Twists and turns and of course the occasional cameo from bigger names in the Marvel universe abound while the “Runaways” try to sort things out. The story is perfect for a television show and all of us die-hard fans certainly hope that they stick as close as they can to the concept. While we know as is now a custom in all the entries into the MCU there will be some tweaks we hope that they are as good as what we have already seen.

Marvel’s Runaways” visits the world of teen angst and coming of age while still maintaining that kick ass comic book vibe thanks to great source material and the leadership of Josh Schwarz (“Hart of Dixie“, “Chuck“) and Stephanie Savage(“Gossip Girl“, “The O.C.“). Along with a list production team they have nabbed some awesome talent including Gregg Sulkin(“Pretty Little Liars“, “Faking It“),Rhenzy Feliz(“Teen Wolf“, “Casual“), and Ariela Barer(“Atypical“) to name just a few of the young cast. With the aid of the comic books original creator, Brian K. Vaughan(“Under the Dome“, “Daredevil“), the “Runaways” is sure to be yet another star on the shield that is Marvel and its ever-expanding MCU.

Watch the TEASER trailer (note this is not a CineFlix official trailer):

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