What do you do when there is nothing more to do with a franchise? Prequel anyone? Though released in early September to Direct TV subscribers the rest of us will be gifted the origin story of everyone’s favorite people wearing, chainsaw wielding psychotic Leatherface in the self titled work “Leatherface” on October 20th in limited release. “Leatherface” strolls back in time to the youth of our main character and gives us a look at little Leatherface , Jed (Boris Kabakchiev) who is just about to be initiated into the family’s sick past times (you know torture and maiming) with his birthday present…a chainsaw, but young Jed is a lover not a dismemberer and turns away from the task laid before him. Ashamed and disappointed his mother, Verna Sawyer, (Lili Taylor, “The Conjuring“, “American Crime“) and the entire family take over and soon Jed is thought of as nothing more than bait to lure the next victim into the family’s trap. Jed does this job perfectly and soon a young woman (Lorina Kamburova) trying to help him is lured into his families barn where the family do what they do and brutally kill her. Unfortunately for them this young woman just happens to be the daughter of a Texas Ranger (Stephen Dorff, “Feardotcom“, “Blade“) who upon stumbling upon his daughters gruesome demise takes action and takes Verna Sawyers youngest away placing him in a hospital for mentally ill kids. Enduring years of what in that era was considered cutting edge psychiatry Jed’s , now known as Jackson, (Sam Strike , “Mindhunter“, “Timeless“) mind fractures and once his mother is able to facilitate an escape soon is faced with the decision to stay a blameless victim of his families psychotic tendencies or go all in becoming a contributing memeber. Escaping with a group of patients and a nurse, Lizzy (Vanessa Grasse, “Roboshark“) they make their way through the Texas countryside ending up in the worst place possible, the Sawyer farm. Will this be a prequel worth watching? Will everyone die? Who will Leatherface wear today? All good questions, but I guess we will have to wait a little while longer to find out.

Leatherface” looks like an interesting take on the origin story one of horror’s most iconic franchises , a franchise that has been going on for well over four decades. If it can stay in line with the last few installments of the Texas Chainsaw movies then “Leatherface” should do just fine. Either way ,be it a good addition to the family or a complete and utter flop, I will still be eagerly waiting to see “Leatherface” as it rips through our screens on its disturbingly psychotic joy ride of gore-ific fun, how about you?

In theaters in North America on October 20, 2017.

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