A whole new generation has been introduced to the world of Phillip K. Dick’s dystopian masterpiece “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” this weekend. Doesn’t sound familiar that is because it is better known to film enthusiasts as the 80’s classic “Blade Runner” whose sequel “Blade Runner 2049” hit theaters this Friday. We pick up the story 30 years after the original and meet a new Blade Runner, K (Ryan Gosling, “La La Land“, “The Big Short“). K , a replicant himself, is tasked with bringing in older rogue models of his kind that went into hiding after the great black out. Sapper Morton (Dave Bautista, “Guardians of the Galaxy“, “Bushwick“) , one of those very same replicants, runs a protein farm and K arrives to take him out of the game but winds up getting so much more than he bargained for. A secret lays buried on that farm that not only could change the world but K’s life as well. On the search for his identity and the truth about what was buried on the isolated farm, K is soon embroiled in a war between humans and replicants that has been silently being waged for decades. K eventually finds his way to the one man who may hold all the answers a retired Blade Runner, Dekker (reprised by Harrison Ford, “Blade Runner“, “Star Wars“). Dekker is not only a key for K and the secret he unearthed but one for millionaire replicant mogul Niander Wallace (Jared Leto, “Suicide Squad“, “Dallas Buyers Club“) one of the factions in the silent war who wants to create replicants that can reproduce. Will K find the answer to his illusive past? Will the secret found on that protein farm change the world?

Blade Runner 2049” is a well written and executed film in a nostalgic arena that is laden with many gladiators. The script is the best example of utilizing the original content to drive a story that is fresh and can stand on its own all while still maintaining its ties to its predecessor that I have seen within the onslaught of Hollywood’s jaunt into recreating stories of the past. The atmosphere created through the words of the storyteller and the players within the pages of “Blade Runner 2049’s” well manicured script is magnificent. The characters are well-developed and create an intense emotional connection with the audience. This is only heightened by the outstanding casts portrayal of these multi dimensional characters and the enthralling story.

Blade Runner 2049’s” world though not a character on two legs plays a very key part of the story and is just as much of a living, breathing entity within the very framework of this masterfully written piece of dystopian fiction. Maintaining the atmosphere of the original and fine tuning it with the technological advances in visual effects within the last few decades “Blade Runner 2049” shines brightly as a stunning visual piece of art. Denis Villeneuve (“Arrival“) and the rest of the creators of this new masterpiece utilize all senses to create a world that envelopes you and doesn’t release you for the entire ride. This includes the spectacular use of the film score and sound design, which combined with the rest of the film leads “Blade Runner 2049” to new heights. The tension created by the visually stunning landscape and the highly synthesized score is fantastic and create a piece of this film’s soul.

Blade Runner 2049” is on a path to join its predecessor amongst the classics of the past. If you love sci-fi, if you love a masterfully shot film, if you love exceptionally well written stories then take three hours and head out to the theaters to see “Blade Runner 2049“.

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