Have you ever heard of William Moulton Marston? How about Charles Moulton? If you are a comic book fan the second should ring a bell, Charles Moulton a.k.a William Moulton Marston created one of the most iconic feminists in history…Wonder Woman (he also aided in the creation of the lie detector with his work on the systolic blood pressure test but I digress).”Professor Marston and the Wonder Women” takes a look into the very controversial man and the life that inspired him to create the iconic heroine that every girl wants to grow up to be and the comic book that would spark controversy. Professor Marston (Luke Evans, “Beauty and the Beast“, “Fate of the Furious“) married to a strong woman, Elizabeth (Rebecca Hall, “The BFG“, “Iron Man 3“) , meets a young student and soon becomes infatuated with getting to know her better. Olive (Bella Heathcote, “The Man in the High Castle“, “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies“), very different from his wife, begins to become more than a fascinating case study to not only Professor Marston but his wife as well. The three of them soon find themselves in a love triangle and Professor Marston finds his inspiration to create a female super hero, a concept new to the world. Using pieces of each of his women’s personalities and beliefs Marston creates Wonder Woman, a hero with a secret identity and the power to topple villains even if they are men. Wonder Woman sparks outrage, but will the spotlight of such a controversy shine a spotlight on the Marston’s unconventional family? Will the love that these three be able to survive through all of it?

Professor Marston and the Wonder Women” written/directed by Angela Robinson (“D.E.B.S“, “The L Word“) once again picks a story that highlights strong, fearless women and a one that is still so relevent in the world of today. Though “Professor Marston and the Wonder Women” is about the life and trials of William Marston, a feminist before it was acceptable for a man to use the moniker, the women in his life and the family the trio built seem to be the real story. Utilizing the controversy that the comic book superhero Wonder Woman stirred in the 40’s when ,what would become DC comics, sent the book to publication looks to be the perfect way to string the lives of this unconventional family together. “Professor Marston and the Wonder Women” with its timely story and interesting look back into a life that few knew of looks like a film that will entertain you, maybe even enlighten you.

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