Netflix premiered the first ten episodes of its new pot comedy series, Disjointed, with ten more episodes to come (date yet to be released). The show is created by Chuck Lorre, best known for The Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men, and producer David Javerbaum (The Daily Show). Disjointed is a multi-camera sitcom with a background studio audience laugh track interaction about life at Ruth’s Alternative Caring in Los Angeles, a medical-marijuana dispensary owned by cannabis activist Ruth Whitefeather (Kathy Bates, Misery, American Horror History), who runs it along with her son Travis (Aaron Moten, The Night of, The Transfiguration), a recently MBA graduate.

The series opening is very entertaining, lead by a very catchy song, “Jack, I’m Mellow” by Trixie Smith, with a black and white scene extract from the movie Marihuana (1936) from director Dwain Esper, that shows women and men smoking weed, dancing and laughing. The show includes fake and weird commercials alluding nonexistent pot products, some of them that are just lame.

Ruth is a very well known activist, empowered hippie and marijuana evangelist that has proudly fought for the legalization of weed for decades and now is facing a new chapter in her store. Travis’ intentions to expand Ruth’s Alternative Caring into a new kind of business, the Walmart of marijuana, which creates tense situations between the two of them because Ruth refuses to enter intothe corporate competition field that represents everything she stands against for. Her mission is simple, “to healp” (a Ruth’s self proclaimed combination of  the words “help” and “heal”) people through a more chill out and peaceful life with cannabis by their side.

The series portrays the same old clichés associated with marijuana and tries very hard to introduce you into a millennial weed culture. From the employees to the customers, there is Pete (Dougie Baldwin, Nowhere Boys: The Book of Shadows), the creepy grower that has conversations with his cannabis plants, Carter (Tone Bell, The Flash), the Iraq veteran security guard with post-traumatic stress disorder that ends up self-medicating with marijuana to decrease his stress and hallucinations, and Maria (Nicole Sullivan, MADtv, The King of Queens), a housewife looking for a way out of her stressful dynamic at home with her husband and kids. Dank (Chris Redd, SNL, Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping) and Dabby (Betsy Sodaro, Another Period, Clipped) represent the classic marijuana smoker stereotype, a couple of lazy stoners with funky clothes that are high all the time, laugh at everything, annoying, careless, unemployed and with a very smooth and chill attitude towards life and everything that surrounds them. During the first episodes is very difficult to understand them, the jokes seemed forced and awkward but at the end of the series they win you over in a very strange way.

At the beginning it felt as an unstructured and confusing comedy that didn’t flow and didn’t feel right, but after a few episodes it took an strangely refreshing twist in my impressios of the series. It doesn’t have a good start but after changing its course, it’s worth watching. Kathy Bates is fantastic and is always a breath of fresh air.

Disjointed is a weird and eccentric comedy with a lot of psychedelic graphics and even though it may not hit all its attempts to make you laugh, it can be both enjoyable and funny if you give it a try. It is kind of silly, of course, it’s a pot comedy, but an oddly entertaining one. It’s not the series of the year but it seems its next ten episodes may be promising.

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