Climate change is real and according to “Geostorm“, which rolled into theaters this weekend, in the near future utterly devastating to our worlds nations. When the global weather conditions become dangerous the nations of the world join together to build the one thing that could save us all…a satellite net designed to affect Earth’s weather patterns. The net, also known as Dutchboy, completed the worlds fears subside and the people go about their lives. Three years later, the U.S. on the verge of handing control of the space station over to an international advisory board, the unthinkable happens. Compromised by an unknown perpetrator Dutchboy begins to malfunction causing extreme weather catastrophes across the globe. The President (Andy Garcia, “Ballers“, “Passengers“) and his Secretary of Defense (Ed Harris, “Westworld“, “Mother!“) must figure out who is using this technology as a weapon before the world begins pointing fingers. They know there is only one man who can fix the problem, Dutchboy’s creator, Jake Lawson (Gerard Butler, “London has Fallen“, “Gods of Egypt“) and they task Jake’s younger estranged brother, Max (Jim Sturgess, “Cloud Atlas“, “Across the Universe“) with convincing Jake to help his nation in its time of need. Jake agrees to head back up the space station and begin an investigation into just what went wrong with his pride and joy, Dutchboy. While Jake pokes around up in space his younger brother aided by his two tech friends Eni (Adepero Oduye, “The Big Short“, “12 Years a Slave“) and Cheng (Daniel Wu, “Into the Badlands“, “Tomb Raider (2018)“) along with his Secret Service girlfriend, Sarah (Abbie Cornish, “Limitless“, “Seven Psychopaths“) race against the clock to uncover just who is behind the hacking of the world’s weather umbrella before a global catastrophe known as a “Geostorm” unleashes its fury. Who is behind this meteorological terrorist attack? Someone with power and a lot to gain professionally but I am not going to tell you who it is you will just have to go see the movie.

Geostorm“, though it does suffer (as most disaster films do) from a story that could have been so much more riveting and impactful, meets all the criteria for a fun date night movie. The underlying message and warning about climate change is clear, much-needed and only slightly heavy-handed. The appeal of  “Geostorm” is ultimately not the story or even the acting (by the way such an awesome cast) it is the visual effects that are the most important player in this movie. “Geostorm” is CGI smorgasbord and as well it should be after all the weather is the main character in this disaster film and the devastation that it lays across the globe could only be done by a bunch of very talented guys and gals behind computers in several of the worlds best VFX houses. I am super picky about the visual effects and though some seemed to be rendered a little soft for my liking the visual effects are truly what keeps “Geostorm” afloat. If you go to see this movie for no other reason than to scope out some cool VFX shots then you won’t leave the theater disappointed.

Geostorm” takes a very controversial stance in this day and age of sever climate change denial and turns it into an action packed, somewhat heart warming tale of human triumph. Maybe the movies end narration is right that when we all realize that we only have one world and there is something wrong with her then we can work together to cure her ails. (Okay a little preachy I know, but like I said that is what the movie says in so many words as it closes out.) “Geostorm” is the movie to see if you’re looking for that movie that doesn’t make you work for the ending…if you love CGI everything…if you are trying to scare a climate change denier straight (just kidding that would be “An Inconvenient Sequel“) or if your just looking for a fun movie to waste a couple of hours. If any of those sounds good to you then put on your parka, grab your umbrella and make your way into the eye of the storm with “Geostorm“.



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