Blumhouse (“Get Out“,”The Purge“) strikes again on Friday the 13th no less with a throw back homage to the movies that made horror great (i.e. “Prom Night“, “Halloween“, “My Bloody Valentine“) with “Happy Death Day“. Tree (Jessica Rothe, “La La Land“), a popular college student, begins her very special day waking in an unknown guys dorm room to the familiar tones of 50 cents “Go Shorty, It’s Your Birthday”. Perhaps an omen of things to come she races back to the sorority house to prepare for a long day of festivities oh and classes too. The festivities converge at the sorority house that night where her sisters and fellow classmates join together to throw Tree one epic party, one that she unfortunately won’t survive. Unknown to her someone intends to make this her last birthday and they succeed or do they! As Tree succumbs to her assailant she soon hears the familiar tones of that same 50 cent classic and opens her eyes to that same stranger she had seen just a short time ago. Not sure if it was a dream or something she had drunk the night before she repeats her day. When again she finds herself in that same strange dorm room after yet another run in with her mask wearing killer Tree begins to realize it is not just a dream and she is reliving the same day over and over. Tired of dying everyday she turns to the strange boy whose dorm she continues to wake up in, Carter (Israel Broussard, “Fear the Walking Dead“, “Bling Ring“), to help her figure out just who is this masked killer and why they wanted her dead. Will Tree and Carter be able to figure everything out in enough time? Who is the person behind that creepy mask? If not I guess there is always the sequel, just kidding or maybe not guess we will have to see.

Happy Death Day” looks to be a fun slasher film that arrives on the perfect day in the perfect month. Directed by Christopher Landon, a Blumhouse alum (“Paranormal Activity”: The Marked Ones“) and written by Scot Lobdell (most known as a comic writer for X-Men titles such as Generation X) “Happy Death Day” seems to be the perfect combination of these two talented creatives visions. All I ,as a huge horror fan, want is for “Happy Death Day” to return us to the horror days of yore where the plot line isn’t convoluted and the killers motive is so superficial it’s almost sad. In other words I want a good old-fashioned escapist horror film that I can leave the theater almost feeling bad that I enjoyed it so much. If that sounds like something your into then brave the bad luck that Friday the 13th is said to hold and lets escape into the dark theater to share a very “Happy Death Day“.

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