Jigsaw” the newest instalment of the “Saw” franchise opened in U.S. theaters this weekend giving us yet another chance (honestly I was not really looking for another chance but hey that’s Hollywood, right) to peek inside the psychotic mind of John Kramer a.k.a. the “Jigsaw” killer. Edgar Munson (Josiah Black, “Straight Outta Compton“, “Hail, Caesar!”) is on the run from the law with a special message for one detective in particular. A new game has begun and it is Edgar’s life or that of 5 unknown individuals that is on the line, but before he decides whether to save himself or the lives of those individuals he must let Detective Halloran (Callum Keith Rennie, “The Man in the High Castle“, “Longmire“) know that the game has begun. Halloran along with his partner, Detective Hunt (Cle Bennett, “Lost Girl“, “Heroes Reborn“) arrive to receive the message and attempt to talk the young criminal down. Failing to do so Edgar is shot and taken to the hospital, but the game begins and the 5 individuals locked in a room must admit their sins to save themselves from some very gruesome ends. The first game claims a victim and soon that victims finds his way to the coroner’s office after being found strung to a tree in the city park. Logan (Matt Passmore, “The Glades“), the head coroner, and his assistant, Eleanor (Hannah Emily Anderson, “Gangland: Undercover“) along with the two police detectives begin to find a pattern and that pattern leads to a killer that has been dead for 10 years, John Kramer (Tobin Bell, “The Flash“, “Saw“) a man know by the moniker the “Jigsaw” killer. Who is resurrecting the MO of this psychotic serial killer? Will the police be able to figure it out before the game runs its course? I know the answers but do you need to find out for yourself then buy that ticket.

Jigsaw” suffers from a few missing pieces that could have made this film better and brought the franchise back to its original awesomeness. Let’s start with the good stuff though….um…well…yeah. Okay so there is one good thing and that is if you saw the other “Saw” movies and loved them you’re in luck because this is the same movie at its core as all the rest. Even the twist at the end is sorta been played out and despite the fact that once again there were some interestingly creative ways that “Jigsaw” killed his victims the movie just doesn’t rise to the levels the first one did. The Spierig Brothers did a good job directing yet another cookie cutter Hollywood horror film and I certainly hope that their talents find their way to a more original piece of work in the near future. The actor did well to with what they were given and the effects as always were done very well. I will say this the editor is the hero of “Jigsaw” and once you see it you will understand why. The editor masterfully uses intercut’s to disorient your idea of time and brings a huge aha moment when the twist ending is revealed.

Jigsaw” is ultimately an okay movie released at just the right time of year to hypnotize viewers into heading out to theaters to see it. After all Halloween is the time to see horror films right (that is unless you are like me and that perfect time is 365 days a year, just saying) and therefore a guaranteed audience awaits “Jigsaw“. So, if you are looking for a predictable, formulaic horror film to satisfy your Halloween needs then by all means this is the movie for you. “Jigsaw” is still a fun movie to see just don’t expect anything earth shatteringly unique or mind blowingly awesome and you will be fine.

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