Blumhouse has us moving back into that beautiful New England neighborhood with its colonial death house that sits on the water in “Amityville: The Awakening“. Forty Years after the horrific massacre that happened within the walls of 412 Ocean Ave. (the real address was 112, but has since been changed to protect the homeowners) a single mother and her family find a new home in the idealistic New England town of Amityville. Moving her family to be closer to the best care for her sick child, Joan (Jennifer Jason Leigh, “Twin Peaks“, “Atypical“) finds a wonderful home at just the right price, but has no idea the evil that has been lying dormant just waiting for its next victims. Joan’s teenage daughter, Belle (Bella Thorne, “Famous in Love“, “Boo! A Medea Halloween“) and her son who is bedridden due to his illness, James (Cameron Monaghan, “Gotham“, “Shameless“) begin to hear voices chiming to that familiar tune of “Kill them All” a nod to the original “Amityville Horror” and the story of the real life case files. Of course as always along with the voices come the horrific hallucinations and strange occurrences, so soon Belle and her brother are fighting for not only their lives but their souls with no clue as to why this is happening to them. Belle is soon introduced to the terrifying story behind her families new home by a fellow student, Terrence (Thomas Mann, “Kong: Skull Island“, “Beautiful Creatures“). Now aware of the atrocities that have occurred where her family lay their heads Belle has to convince her mother that the house is evil and that demonic entities are plaguing her and her brother. Will the Amityville House gain more victims? Or will Belle and her family survive the horror that awaits them?

Amityville: The Awakening” looks to be giving us yet another attempt to reignite a horror movie franchise that in my mind spun off the rails after the first two and sorta found its footing again with the remake starring Ryan Reynolds. Though the remake was a good try the franchise still never got its supernatural horror groove back, but who knows maybe this could be the movie that does just that. The movie has a decent cast a pretty much war tested formula and even better graphics than the previous installations (plus it is backed by Blumhouse, horrors newest golden child), so the stars are all aligned for the movie to give us all a horrific fright this October. Truthfully, I am not sure I have high hopes for “Amityville: The Awakening“, but who knows maybe it will surprise me and give me that scare we all crave during the most frighteningly fantastic month of the year.

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