Geostorm“, what the heck is a geostorm? Is that even a thing? This weekend movie theaters will explain to us just that when the action disaster film “Geostorm” blows into movie theaters. “Geostorm” takes us sometime in the near future where climate change has elevated to catastrophic levels and science comes to the rescue with a network of satellites that can manage the Earths hectic weather. The system gradually takes away humanities fear of horrible weather crisis’ and seems to have fixed what we had broken. Like all other great inventions someone out there realizes that this god send of tech could be used for more sinister purposes. One weather attack leads to another and soon the US government and the world leaders are scrambling to figure out just what is happening. Jake Lawson (Gerard Butler, “Gods of Egypt“, “Law Abiding Citizen“) a key figure in this satellite systems creation,  is called to head up to the space station to fix the problems, but the problems are far more in-depth then just a minor computer glitch. While Jake is rocketing into space his brother Max (Jim Sturgess, “Cloud Atlas“, “Across the Universe“) discovers that someone has hacked into the system and has blocked access to the mighty weather system and only one man has the override key…the President (Andy Garcia, “Oceans Thirteen“, “Passengers“). Now in a desperate race to save the world from a crippling geostorm, Max enlists the aid of someone very close to him, Sarah (Abbie Cornish, “RoboCop“, “Sucker Punch“) who just happens to be a secret service agent, to kidnap the President. Can the brothers Lawson stop this catastrophic weather war? Will the map be changed forever?

Geostorm“, directed and co written by Dean Devlin (“The Librarians“, “Leverage“), looks to take a very real issue and elevates it into a disaster film. If “Geostorm” can properly focus on a topic so prevalent in the headlines it might just be able to effectively capitalize on the relevance at its core. Throw in a dash of awesome visual effects and the little guy triumphs over the great big bad, whatever it is, and “Geostorm” might just be a surprising box office hit. Or it could turn out like every other disaster film and the trailer be the best part of the movie. I hope for the best but expect the worse and if “Geostorm” turns out to prove all the doubters (including me) wrong then so much the better. Even with my doubts I still think I will take the chance and hope for good weather when I head out to see “Geostorm“.

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