Girls Trip is a comedy intended to push boundaries. It has its funny moments, most of them delivered by foul-mouth wild party girl Dina, played by Tiffany Haddish (Mad Family, Keanu). Unfortunately most of the movie is predictable and full of bad clichés. They tried too hard to make a risky film portraying empowered women, but they took the wrong route delivering some cringing and uncomfortable scenes reinforcing stereotypes of African-American women.

At times, Girls Trip felt like a downgraded version of Sex and The City, following the lives of four women who are best friends. They were inseparable in their teens, but after graduating from college, their lives took each of them through different paths, which made it difficult to stay in touch with each other. After five years since the “flossy posse” was last together, they are taking a trip to New Orleans in hopes to bond and strengthen the unconditional friendship they all miss. One of them is Ryan Pierce, played by Regina Hall who we’ve seen in comedies like the Scary Movie saga and recently in the disgraceful Netflix Original Naked, so we know what kind of performance to expect from her. Regina is sort of the star of the movie; a successful bestselling author who tells her readers that they can have it all while she tries to keep her marriage struggles away from the public eye. Queen Latifah, who was nominated for an Academy Award back in 2002 for her role in Chicago is in Girls Trip too; she plays Sasha Franklin, a gossip blogger who finds out Ryan’s husband is cheating on her, but somehow being the most accomplished actress in this film didn’t help, as Latifah’s role is the least memorable of all. Jada Pinkett Smith (The Matrix, Scream 2) plays Lisa Cooper, a single mom who left her crazy partying days in the past and now wants to let loose with the help of her friends, but her character feels cartoonish and forced. Then we have Dina, the wildest of the bunch; a character that even though was stereotyped, it was also funny and well portrayed by Haddish. Dina is someone who we don’t really know much about, except she was recently fired from her job and has no filter to say or do things.

Girls Trip was supposed to be an R-rated comedy about sisterhood, fun and girl power; and although it is safe to say that no one expected it to be a masterpiece, the film ended up being about clichés, bad jokes, and absurd over the top scenes that would have been better left in the editing room. If you like that kind of movies, you will find a few laughs in this one but don’t expect a lot more. Just be warned about full frontal male nudity, gallons of urine and graphic fruit fellatio (yeah, you read that right).

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