(Numbers in parentheses are 2017 statistics)

342           Total films: Features — 254; Shorts — 88 (340 Total films: Features — 256; Shorts — 84)

232           Features that are World, International or North American Premieres: 138, 22 and 72                                       respectively (238 Total: 147 World; 19 International; 72 North American Premieres)

7926         Total submissions: International — 6846; Canadian — 1080 (7,299 Total: International —                             6,166; Canadian — 1,133)

83              Countries represented (74)

36%           Films by women (33%)

136             Female leads, plus one elephant queen

31,300     Total number of hours TIFF CEO Piers Handling has spent watching films during his 36 years                       at TIFF

11                Films about musicians

30,055     Minutes of film, equal to more than 20 days of viewing

14                Hours (Longest film): La Flor (The Flower) in Wavelengths

43               Seconds (Shortest film): The Invisible Cinema 3 in Wavelengths

               Films shown in 35mm — when lined up, it would take two and a half hours to walk the length!

3                 Films by actors making their directorial debut: Bradley Cooper, Paul Dano, Jonah Hill

1,107.5     Feet of red carpet — more than twice the height of the TIFF Bell Lightbox!

3,000       Enthusiastic Festival Volunteers

36              Festivals worked by our longest serving volunteer

34,000    Average number of steps a TIFF events coordinator takes on Opening Night

3,100         Pounds of popcorn kernel prepared at TIFF Bell Lightbox during the Festival 14,000+                                     Members and Donors who support TIFF year-round

3                 Couples have met in TIFF lines that have since married

1,031          Individuals have donated to TIFF’s Share Her Journey fundraising campaign 365 Days in a                            year when you can enjoy films at TIFF Bell Lightbox

What an amazing event. Check out TIFF this year from September 6 through 16. Tickets are still available on www.tiff.net/tickets