UNCLE FRANK still starring Paul Bettany

UNCLE FRANK: Live to Be Yourself

Amazon Studios newest release UNCLE FRANK (2020) from writer/director Alan Ball of the fantastic SIX FEET UNDER (2001-2005) fame, gives us a film about despair, love, family and learning to live to be yourself...
TESLA movie with Ethan Hawke

TESLA: Stylish If Not Brave

Michael Almereyda’s much anticipated film, TESLA (2020), is available for streaming and has premiered to a mixed bag of reviews.  While popular sites, and have given the film r...

AVA: Unexpectedly Unique

Tate Taylor is known for directing emotional and psychological dramas such as THE HELP (2011), THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN (2016), and MA (2019).  With AVA (2020), he has decidedly brought that delicate and per...
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