Steve Barrett and Clare Grant star in the desperate romantic comedy Confessions of a Producer

CONFESSIONS OF A PRODUCER Premieres on Amazon Prime / Instant Video

CONFESSIONS OF A PRODUCER, a dark romantic comedy that stars Clare Grant and Steve Barrett, just premiered on Amazon Prime / Instant Video. Distributed by Indie Rights, this modern-day Beauty and the Beast-like story is about a producer afflicted with a debilitating curse that can only be cured by the person that despises him the most.

Clare Grant explains that she plays Tara Aluran, “a film critic with a score to settle with an arrogant producer.” Steve Barrett plays Roger Namroc, the arrogant film producer waylaid by a cursed gypsy box that caused him to lose everything and forced him to go into hiding. Over time Roger learns that the only way to remove the curse is to convince the one person that likes him least that he is a good person.

Not aware of how much Tara hates him, Roger summons her to his jail cell since she is the one entertainment critic that has never given him or his work a good review, and thus could be the person that could save him. To entice her to come for the interview, he offers her his first and only interview in nearly five years with a promise of a tell-all confession. 

“It’s a quirky movie about a man who essentially is self-quarantining himself to protect the rest of society. And that just makes it all the more interesting that the movie is coming out right now with everything going on,” said Barrett. “It’s about the silly things that you find yourself doing when you’re all alone.” 

The movie pays homage to the campy pop humor films of Roger Corman and delivers a zany “When Harry Met Sally” watching “The X Files” in jail story that keeps the audience guessing what is next. 

CONFESSIONS OF A PRODUCER is Steve Barrett’s first feature film. “Within an hour of meeting Clare, I’m doing lines in front of the camera with her, and at first, I was wowed, but Clare made me feel like we were just going to do this and it was great. She is such a professional.” Clare Grant goes on about Confessions, “I love comedy, I love sci-fi, and love making movies.”

Documentary and reality show producer Jim Lewis wrote and directed CONFESSIONS OF A PRODUCER, making it his first feature film as well. Shot in and around Central Florida on Florida’s Space Coast, the film incorporates recognizable locations and local officials who appear as themselves in the movie.

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