IRRESISTIBLE: Interesting and Funny at Times, but Underwhelming

Because everyone follows political stories and because they are so intricate, it truly takes great writing to engage us. In the case of Jon Stewart’s IRRESISTIBLE (2020), its best attributes come from the fact that the cast worked really well together. Otherwise, I found this movie to be slightly dull, even though there are some very solid moments of storytelling. While I can’t exactly recommend this movie to everyone, I believe some viewers may enjoy it more.

IRRESISTIBLE directed by Jon Stewart

The film follows Democratic Party consultant, Gary Zimmer (Steve Carell) as he is tasked with helping Republican mayoral candidate, Jack Hastings (Chris Cooper), realize his democratic values and change his viewpoints. IRRESISTIBLE plays out as a drama, that thinks it’s a comedy and falls somewhere in the middle. I personally didn’t find the movie itself all that funny, but Carell brings his A-Game here, and his subtle humor leapt off the screen. If the character of Gary Zimmer wasn’t so adamant about getting his way, this movie would’ve fallen flat on its face. The entire film relies on the fact that he needs to accomplish his goals. Not only Carell, but the rest of the cast shines as well, which I’m positive came down to the fact that John Stewart was at the helm as director. In many ways, even though this story is based on actual events, it really did feel like an independent voice was being heard, with Stewart both writing and directing.

I did, however, find myself wondering how this story had any relevance at all in today’s climate. The film makes for a few interesting or funny scenes, and the conclusion was actually quite enjoyable, but the journey throughout just felt like a slow, meandering look at the lower end of the political scene. That wasn’t enough to keep me engaged, so I began looking for the comedic chops in every performer on-screen, which held the movie together.

The film boasts a talented cast and they do the best with what they are given, but the comedy that’s trying to break through this slow-moving film, just felt off to me. Where the story begins and ends had me interested, but it meanders far too much. IRRESISTIBLE could’ve been a better film with some adjustments, but fans of these actors or fans of political stories and satires will find enjoyment in this one. Not a terrible movie by any means, but kind of a dull experience, especially when looking at it as a comedy.

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