MGM to host its first virtual licensing summit in June 2020

Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM) has announced that it will host its first ever virtual licensing summit. The event will be held on 15, 16 and 17 June 2020.

With the annual Licensing Expo cancelled this year, the virtual summit will enable MGM to host current and potential licensees and provide a sneak peek at upcoming initiatives for a number of its iconic brands including Pink Panther, THE ADDAMS FAMILY, LEGALLY BLONDE, ROCKY and many more.  

Robert Marick, MGM’s executive vice president global consumer products and experiences said: “While we are all unable to convene at Licensing Show this year in Las Vegas, we have some exciting plans across our portfolio that we are very much looking forward to sharing with our partners. The MGM team is excited to offer our first ever virtual summit to connect with our licensees and retailers who have been so integral to the growth of our programme.” 

Over the years, MGM has built a large roster of licensees and other strategic partnerships in the apparel, accessories, gaming, home and collectables categories, as well as live events and location-based experiences, and is continuing to expand programs for its broad portfolio.   

During the presentation, attendees will get an overview of the breakout events and anniversaries that lie ahead, opportunities for collaboration, and some special announcements. The presentation will also conclude with a question and answer session. Brands that will be presented during the virtual event include: 

Pink Panther: MGM’s iconic character, Pink Panther, started life in the front and end credits of the legendary detective series of the same name more than 50 years ago and its popularity spawned TV series, specials, comics and merchandise. Pink Panther continues to be discovered by new generations and remains one of MGMs most well-known franchises.  

Shortly, MGM will be making a very exciting announcement for the Pink Panther brand.  

THE ADDAMS FAMILYBased on the famous New Yorker creations of Charles Addams, THE ADDAMS FAMILY celebrates the uniqueness of every family and delivers spooky fun all year long. MGM released the very first full-length animated film about the eccentric and unconventional family on 11 October 2019, with a star-studded voice cast. The film quickly became a box office success, garnering more than $200M in worldwide receipts, with a sequel already set for theatrical release in October 2021.  

Timed to the virtual licensing summit, MGM will be making some exciting announcements about the Addams Family 2 programme.  

VIKINGS/VALHALLAGearing up for its final season on HISTORY, VIKINGS garners 11.2 million views per weekly episode and has more than eight million social media followers across the globe. It was recently announced that a sequel to the hit series is heading to Netflix. VIKINGS: VALHALLA, from MGM Television, will begin 100 years after the original series concludes and dramatises the adventures of the most famous Vikings who ever lived: Leif Erikson, Freydis, Harald Harada and the Norman King William the Conqueror (also a Viking descendant). Across the globe, VIKINGS has accrued more than 30 licensees across apparel, collectibles, publishing, novelty, and gaming. Stemming off of that success, MGM has exciting plans in the works for the new Valhalla franchise. 

LEGALLY BLONDEThe box office smash, LEGALLY BLONDE, continues to resonate with new generations of young women and is as relevant as ever – it was recently announced that Mindy Kaling and Dan Goor have signed on to co-write the script for the film’s third iteration, LEGALLY BLONDE 3, which will see Reese Witherspoon reprise her role as the beloved Elle Woods.  

MGM is planning a year-long Legally Blonde Turns 21 celebration that kicks off in July 2021, with the intention to build out a licensing line around the movie’s key tenets – empowerment, education humour, and pink fashion, of course! MGM is looking for licensing partners across multiple categories including apparel, home décor, beauty products, pet, and publishing.  

CANDYMAN and the MGM Horror Portfolio: MGM, which has one of the deepest and most sought after cult classic horror library, is leading the way in licensing for the category, with major apparel and accessories partnerships. The company’s upcoming horror-thriller film CANDYMAN, produced and written by Academy Award winner Jordan Peele, will elevate MGM’s horror film status as it looks to create a robust licensing programme including products, apparel and accessories tied to the film. In addition to that, they are also continuing to build programmes around iconic catalogue titles including CARRIE, POLTERGEIST, and SILENCE OF THE LAMBS

The MGM Trademark and Catalogue: MGM owns one of the world’s deepest libraries of premium film and television content, which includes a stellar lineup of classic titles. Most recently, they collaborated with stylish streetwear brand Off White for the cult classic Blue Velvet on a fashion line to hit retail in Fall 2020. MGM is looking to build partnerships for other iconic titles across its portfolio including fan-favourite genres, film anniversaries and a throwback to the decades, that truly capture the spirit of their unique library of content.   

In addition, the MGM team is also looking to grow their licensing around the globally recognised trademark lion. Recent deals with fashion brands like Zara and H&M highlight the exciting partnerships already in place, and MGM will be looking for additional partners in the apparel and other realms to further expand the studio’s iconic brand. 

ROCKY and CREEDMGM’s ROCKY and CREED films have generated more than $1.3bn in worldwide box-office sales, three Academy Awards, and 10 nominations. In November 2018, CREED II captivated audiences around the world and eventually surpassed the success of the original CREED film when it earned $214m at the global box-office. A third CREED film is currently in development with star Michael B. Jordan returning.

The ROCKY and CREED franchise has remained a global phenom because it presents moviegoers with universally relatable themes that they can identify with – ambition, passion, determination and giving it your all to win, even when the odds are against you.   

2021 marks the 45th anniversary of the ROCKY franchise and it is hotter than ever! MGM continues to grow the licensing programme for the boxing drama franchise, which is its second strongest merchandise programme, with apparel, collectibles, live experiences, gaming and more. 

MGM is looking to continue to grow the brand’s licensing portfolio across multiple categories including collectibles, publishing, games, interactive, and more.   

The virtual summit is by invite only. For more information on the Licensing Summit, and for those interested in attending, please contact MGM at

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