Jerry Seinfeld Comedy Special 2019

NETFLIX Releases Promo For His New Comedy Special, JERRY SEINFELD: 23 HOURS TO KILL

Jerry Seinfeld goes head-to-head against a supervillain in the trailer for Netflix’s JERRY SEINFELD: 23 HOURS TO KILL.

The James Bond-themed trailer opens with a shot of the New York City skyline before Seinfeld is shown strapped to a table. The villain soon reveals himself as the comedian’s captor.

As a laser comes dangerously close to Seinfeld, the comedian notes that they are in a comedy club dressing room and an employee comes into the room to tell Seinfeld that his show begins in five minutes.

Seinfeld eventually breaks free and takes to the stage. “Who designed the bathroom stall with the under-display viewing window?” he asks the audience during his set. “So we can all see the lifeless collapsed pant legs and tragic little shoe fronts that are just barely poking out from underneath the impotent belt, lying helpless? How much more money is it to bring this wall down another foot?”

Following his set, Seinfeld enjoys food backstage with the supervillain. During their conversation, Seinfeld’s onetime captor reveals that he doesn’t make “comedy special money” as a villain. The comedian suggested that he pursue a career in comedy and says that he likely has “the material.”

“How about something about these super villainsalways wanting to take over the world, but they build these death machines that never work?” he said of a potential joke.

23 HOURS TO KILL is Seinfeld’s second stand-up special in a two-part deal that he signed with the streamer in 2017.

In addition to the upcoming stand-up special and 2017’s JERRY BEFORE SEINFELD, the comedian’s award-winning series COMEDIANS IN CARS GETTING COFFEE also moved to Netflix.

23 HOURS TO KILL will be available to stream May 5. Watch the full trailer here.

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