THE APP THAT STOLE CHRISTMAS (2020) arrives on Netflix today; just in time for all of your Holiday movies needs. This Break Out Music (a music, movie and media company), produced this romantic comedy film and is predicted to be a holiday classic. Featuring a diverse array of stars including legends Elise Neal and Jackie Long, singer – Ray J, Billboard artist – JayQ The Legend, Radio personality – Torae Carr, Diane Marie Howard, Miguel Nunez, J Anthony Brown, Jalyn Hall, and hip-hop princess – DreamDoll.


Netflix continues its ongoing support of Black Excellence with TATSC, which was produced, written, directed and casted by Black men and women in collaboration with Break Out Music co-CEO and Harvard graduate Miriam Bavly. As Hollywood was gripped with Covid-19 quarantine chaos, the creators of TATSC, Miriam Bavly and JayQ The Legend (Peter Q. John), were equally focused on staying safe and stepping up to the Netflix standard. “We were walking in uncharted territory,” said Bavly. But, knew they wanted to create a classic family-values narrative that incorporated the challenges in society, and also elevated our communities. “The idea to make a Christmas movie actually came from our consultant, Amber Ravenel, of The Ravenel Agency,” said Bavly. Ravenel also tapped Monica “Dollphace” Floyd, to direct the soon-to-be classic.

TATSC follows a tech guru who has been too wrapped up in the ever-burgeoning technology landscape to really enjoy life outside the social media stratosphere. Like in any good Christmas movie, he’ll discover the importance of life and love during the holiday season. This is a true love story that takes the lead character on a journey from incredible financial success in his technology driven world to finding the true meaning of life and that “Christmas is about presence not presents”.

The soundtrack, spearheaded by Jay Q The Legend, which includes Tik Tok and radio’s newest phenom, GiGi Vega, hits stores on Nov. 13th. The music on the TATSC soundtrack has both traditional, pop, and New Orleans bounce pizzaz. TATSC is currently part of a trilogy of holiday films, with an additional 4th screenplay for Halloween in process. 

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